Mel's Badge Game

Mel's Badge Game is simple to learn, but has plenty of depth for those who want to try to get a high score.

You make chains of three or more badges. The badges merge and change designs, allowing you to collect full sets. There are special badge colors with unusual properties, and tickets that help you get out of a tricky situation. Each color of badge has its own effect on the rules of the game, giving lots of replayability.

I wrote the game for my wife, Mel. I made a little prototype one afternoon, and she loved it so much I grew it into a complete game. As a keen crafter, the visuals reference other things she loves.

Big thanks also to our son Dan, for being chief play-tester.

Mel's Badge Game is available for iPad only (the badges are too small to play properly on a phone).


I want you to have fun playing the game, so if there's a problem, please let me know. You can get in touch at