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Programming in Food

A small booklet on programming concepts and terminology for adults who are coming to programming for the first time. It uses cooking recipes, rather than code, to explain the concepts.

Download the Draft (PDF).

It came from a conversation I had with my wife following some training she did on how to teach programming in her primary school. She mentioned that the programming itself (in Logo) wasn't hard, but many of the staff members were alienated by the language and seemed to find the ideas harder to grasp in the abstract.

I explained the ideas to her in terms of recipes and cooking, since recipes are a form of programming. She said she found that approach very helpful, and encouraged me to write it down into a little booklet that might be useful to others.

I'd appreciate any feedback you can give (my contact details are at the bottom of the page).

The aim of the book is to introduce the major ideas in beginning programming without any code. There are plenty of example recipes in the book, but no examples in any computer programming language.