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Mel's Badge Game

When we went away this summer, I wrote this simple game for my wife and son to play with. Based on the match-3 genre, it has a melding mechanic that allows you to build very large combo chains.

Download the Game for Free in the Apple App Store.

Mel's Badge Game, Screenshot

It was only intended to be a little project, but Mel enjoyed playing it, so over spare moments in the following couple of months, I fleshed it out into something more complete.

There's a page for it here, or you can jump to the app-store page for it here.

Mechanically, there isn't much that's new here. Badges have numbers on them, and as you form chains the badges merge and the numbers add. Higher numbers unlock new badge designs of the same color. Coins can be collected in the game, and these can be used to unlock further badge colors.

One interesting feature is the way badge colors affect the game. Each game is played with four colors of badge. Each badge color changes the rules slightly. So if you play with violet badges, you score 20% extra. If you play with sky-blue badges, you can form chains of 2 or more, rather than 3 or more. And so on. So once you unlock all the colors, there are some interesting strategic decisions about what colors to use, as well as tactical decisions in the game.

The game won't set the world alight, obviously. Of the million apps in the App Store, I bet 500,000 are variations of match-3 games. Still it was fun to make a game that Mel likes playing.