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Push Me, Pull Me

A simple game in Stephen Lavelle's Puzzle Script. It involves coordinating two characters, one who can only push and one who can only pull. Inspired somewhat by the old game XOR.

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Push Me, Pull Me

I spent an evening playing with PuzzleScript, just after it was released, and came up with this game (I've also uploaded the source code as a Gist). I started with an obvious mechanic for this tool: pushing blocks. Then by experimenting with the language, I extended and refined the mechanics: building a progression of levels one by one as I added new elements to the game. Considering the whole thing took less than 3 hours, I was really pleased with the result.

More About Puzzle Script

Back in October, Stephen Lavelle, the prolific developer behind Increpare Games, released PuzzleScript, a puzzle game language and development tool.

PuzzleScript allows you to make turn-based puzzle games with simple pixel art graphics, running entirely in a browser. The programming language is pattern based and rule based. The development tool also allows you to define sprites and even simple 8-bit sounds. The complete game is contained in a single text file which is easily editable by hand.

I was very impressed by PuzzleScript. There's a huge amount of potential in simple, flexible rules. And constraints encourage creativity. By not trying to be everything to everybody, it really allows you to think about game mechanics and progression.

If you're interested in rapid game development, give PuzzleScript an evening. I could imagine using it for a game-jam, and spending the time really refining some new mechanics and some level progression: things that are more difficult to fit into the duration of a jam when you have to get the basic structure of the game working.