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Abstract Cards

Abstract is an experimental RPG / card game, where each card represents a character quality, ability or skill. Each player has a hand of cards, and plays cards to take actions in the game.

Download a Preview of 8 Cards (PDF).

Abstract Card, Back

The game consists of 81 cards, each featuring abstract artwork representing the quality, ability or skill. Each card also features a series of dice rolls. A preview of 8 cards is available as a PDF.

The cards can be used in role-playing or storytelling games. I'm experimenting with rules that involve 'playing' a card when a character does something out of the ordinary (i.e. if they do something with that skill that someone without the skill couldn't be expected to do). Cards then return to the hand at the end of a scene. Thus encouraging creative thinking around problems. So far this is just a broad set of ideas for rules, so nothing is set yet.

The game needs some heavy play-testing, and a fair bit of graphical refinement. But the cards can be used without any formal rules, just as a roleplaying aid and dice roller.

The dice on the card are correctly distributed, just like my regular Dicecards. The first four dice are 4dF for the Fudge or Fate role-playing rules. Then there are d6, d10, and d20.

The card design is heavily inspired by two Kickstarter projects I backed in 2013. The idea of abilities and skills on cards, as the basis rules-light game, came from Jesse Butler's Short Order Heroes. The aesthetic came from Genis Carreras's Philographics post-card series. The dice rolls came, obviously, from Dicecards.